Mid-Sized for More Exploring


Boondocking beginners and experienced riders alike can confidently play in the powder with the BLAST® M. The sled’s lightweight, mid-sized chassis coupled with its ALPHA ONE® Single-Beam Rear Suspension make it nimble for a playful and confidence-inspiring ride. Whether you’re new to mountain riding or have enjoyed the backcountry with friends and family for years, the BLAST® M delivers a fun-filled ride for everyone.


Lightweight, Mid-Sized


Single-Cylinder 2-Stroke EFI



Single-Beam Rear Suspension


Electric Start

New Limited Edition

Premium Features

Blast M 4000 LTD

If you’re looking for a more aggressive mid-sized mountain ride, the new BLAST® M LTD delivers. Its 36-inch Arctic Mountain ski stance allows for added agility. The FOX FLOAT® 3 ski and rear shocks bring superior ride control and infinite air spring settings. And with an IFP front track shock and a lightweight mountain seat, you’ll experience easier side-to-side transitions while you conquer the backcountry.

Blast M 4000 LTD


397cc, Liquid-Cooled, 2-Stroke EFI Engine with 65+HP

BLAST® M features the industry’s first electronic fuel-injected, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 2-stroke engine. The 65+HP-class C-TEC2™, 397cc engine is lightweight and has plenty of snap for experienced enthusiasts while still welcoming newer riders.

397cc, Liquid-Cooled, 2-Stroke EFI Engine with 65+HP

With an industry-first design that’s compact and lightweight (under 50 pounds), this EFI engine brings 65-hp (397cc) performance to every ride. A 3-stage exhaust valve system takes this power to the next level, delivering improved throttle response and better overall engine performance. As a liquid-cooled engine, it thrives in low-snow conditions – and a counter balance shaft eliminates most engine vibration. The result—a lightweight-but-mighty power source that fuels a ride like no other.


ALPHA ONE® Single-Beam Rear Suspension

ALPHA ONE® Suspension is the only single-beam rear suspension in the industry, providing enhanced agility on the mountain. The lightweight, single-beam design provides nimble action allowing riders to maneuver the sled and carve tighter circles with less effort than conventional, dual-rail snowmobiles.


Arctic Drive System

The Arctic Drive System has a CVTech Trailbloc drive clutch and CVTech Invance driven clutch to deliver power to the snow. It also provides more low-end power and throttle control, which is needed when navigating deep snow. Plus it has great durability to keep you riding.


Arctic Mountain Suspension

Featured on the full-sized mountain sleds, the Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) is lightweight, keeping the sled nimble in the varying snow conditions of the backcountry. The suspension provides optimal off-trail cornering and more predictable counter steering when side-hilling. AMS is paired with hydraulic twin tube shocks — both front and back — to provide ample bump absorption.


Mid-Sized Chassis

This sled was designed specifically to let riders of all kinds capture more thrills. The mid-sized chassis is extremely lightweight, making it agile and easy to handle no matter your skill level, with maneuverability experienced riders will appreciate, too. With its mid-sized seat, transferring weight while cornering is effortless, adding to the fun.


G2 ProClimb Skis

The lightweight G2 ProClimb™ 7-inch Mountain Ski is tapered to stay on top of the snow. The ski works in tandem with the AMS spindles for easier steering and better deep snow performance.


Best-in-Class Power-to-Weight Ratio

This snowmobile is easy to maneuver with plenty of power to rip through the deep snow. The 65+HP-class C-TEC2™, 397cc engine is paired with a lightweight chassis for a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.


Challenger 146-inch track

The Challenger 146-inch track with 2-inch lug offers the traction needed to conquer varying mountain snow conditions. Its benchmark lug design is versatile for all-around performance and features a saw-tooth lug for additional grip on hard, wind-blown and springtime snow.


4-Inch Race Height Windscreen

Seeing is key with mountain riding. The BLAST M and BLAST M LTD both feature a low-profile, 4-inch, race-height windscreen. It offers the visibility needed to weave through the trees or size up the next big jump while offering wind protection when you need it.


Turn-Key Electric Start

Simply sit down and take off. The BLAST M and BLAST M LTD feature a turn-key electric start, so there's no need to pull-start this mountain sled.



Vehicle Specs

Print Specs


BLAST M 4000
Engine Type 4000 Series, 2-Stroke
Displacement 397cc
Cooling Liquid
Cylinders 1
Bore x Stroke 85 x 70 mm
Lubrication Electric Injection
Ignition Digitally Controlled CDI
Engine Stator Output 270W @ 3000 RPM
Fuel Delivery Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Exhaust APV with Tuned Pipe, Pipe Sensor, Manifold and Stainless Steel Muffler
Fuel Capacity 44,3 L
Oil System Capacity 3,08 L
Coolant System Capacity 4,7 L
Minimum Octane 98


BLAST M 4000
Drive Clutch CVTech Trailbloc
Driven Clutch CVTech Invance
Drive System Arctic Drive System
Brakes Stealth Hydraulic Master Cylinder w/ Lightweight Caliper
Clutch Calibration 0-5,000 ft.
Gearing 19/50
Chain Pitch 90
Track Drive Sprocket 8 Tooth, 2.86 Pitch, Involute
Reverse Push-Button Engine


BLAST M 4000
Front Suspension Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS)
Ski Shocks Hydraulic Twin Tube
Sway Bar N/A
Front Travel 21 cm
Rear Suspension ALPHA-ONE Rear Suspension
Front Track Shock Hydraulic Twin Tube
Rear Track Shock Hydraulic Twin Tube
Rear Travel 37,46 cm


BLAST M 4000
Overall Chassis Length 325 cm
Overall Chassis Width 112 cm-114 cm
Overall Chassis Height 128,3 cm
Track Type Challenger
Track Width 38 cm
Track Length 371 cm
Lug 51 mm
Pitch 2.86 tum
Ski Stance 95 cm-98 cm Adjustable
Ski Type/Width G2 ProClimb - 7
Runner Type Single Runner


BLAST M 4000
Type of Gauge Digital
Speedometer Digital
Tachometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Fuel Digital
Oil Indicator Light
Coolant Indicator Light
Clock N/A
Battery Voltage N/A
Altimeter N/A
Hours Digital


BLAST M 4000
Color Dynamic Charcoal/ Fire Red, Dynamic Charcoal/Orange
Heat Exchanger Front/ Long Tunnel
Starter Turnkey Electric Start
Handlebars Hooked with Grab Handle, 4.5 in. Riser
Lighting Halogen 1-Bulb
Seating Mid-Size
Storage Components
Additional Accessories Front Bumper, Goggle Holder, Hand Guards, Mirrors, Rear Rack, Rear Storage, Sno Pro Brake Lever, Tow Hitch
Standard Accessories Hand & Thumb Warmers, Tether Switch
Windshield 10,1 cm Low-Height