M Hardcore Alpha One

Built for Big Air and Big Climbs, with ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension

M Hardcore Alpha One

Hardcore doesn’t flinch at big challenges or stiff competition. It conquers the backcountry with the revolutionary ALPHA ONE™ Single-Beam Rear Suspension and easily adjustable coil-over FOX® ZERO shocks.



Single-Beam Rear Suspension


Coil-Over Ski Shocks


C-TEC2 Engine


Coil-Over Rear Shocks



M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One

Built for competitive, big-air riders with a next-gen 8000-Series C-TEC2™ engine and ALPHA ONE™ Single-Beam Rear Suspension.

M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One

pro kit

Everything you need to tear up the backcountry:

  • Pro MTN Front Bumper
  • MTN Pack
  • Handlebar Bag


M Hardcore Alpha One

ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension

Our single-beam rear suspension unlocks more maneuverability than any mountain snowmobile in history. Up here, there's only one alpha.

M Hardcore Alpha One Ascender Platform

Ascender Platform

The Ascender Platform brings together an arsenal of innovations that deliver the highest level of backcountry performance and handling for every Arctic Cat Mountain Snowmobile.

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Ascender Platform

Each element of the Ascender Platform is designed to make you king of the mountain.

The mountain drive system has a flat track-to-snow approach angle for maximum floatability, quick climbing on top of the snow while accelerating, and improved overall handling. All-day riding doesn’t take as much of a toll on riders thanks to ergonomically designed narrow running boards and a forward foot position. 

Plus, the mountain-specific bodywork is 10 percent narrower than previous designs to let you side-hill with ease. 

M Hardcore Alpha One 8000 C-TEC2 Engine

8000-Series C-TEC2 Engine

The Hardcore Alpha One's 8000-series engine packs serious power into a highly maneuverable snowmobile.

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8000-Series C-TEC2 Engine

The next-generation 8000-Series-C-Tec2 engine delivers a new level of clean Arctic Cat 2-stroke engine performance and technology. This new 794cc C-TEC2 twin features:

  • New cylinders, pistons, combustion chamber, flywheel, and fuel rail. 
  • New fuel calibration strategy and Arctic Power Valve system with 3-stage control of the auxiliary exhaust ports via side valves
  • ECM-controlled electronic oil pump
  • Batteryless EFI
  • Exhaust Pop Temperature Sensor (EPTS)
  • Knock Sensor
  • Engine Reverse Technology

This advanced new technology designed by Arctic Cat and built in St. Cloud, Minn delivers:

  • Ultra-clean, more responsive performance
  • Enhanced power in the 165-hp class of engines
  • Precision oil injection
  • Exceedingly robust and lightweight design
M Hardcore Alpha One AMS Front Suspension

AMS Front Suspension

Lightweight spindles and a precision-engineered suspension geometry let you maneuver through deep snow and anything else the mountain has in store.

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AMS Front Suspension

Arctic Mountain Suspension is tailor-made to maneuver in deep snow. The lightweight, forged-aluminum spindles sit at a 27 degree spindle caster angle, providing optimal ski camber for off-trail cornering and more predictable counter-steering when side-hilling. They’re built to reduce drag, while the dual-phase alloy-steel A-arms are lightweight and durable.

M Hardcore Alpha One FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 Coil Overs

FOX® 1.5 ZERO QS3 Coil-Over Ski Shocks

Quickly adjust these FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 shocks to any of three compression settings, and get plush performance on bumps from coil-over springs.

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FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 Coil-Over Ski Shocks

A dial mounted on the remote reservoir of these FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 shocks lets you instantly switch between soft, medium and firm shock calibration to adapt to changing conditions. They utilize a remote reservoir for fade-free performance and coil-over springs to smooth out bumps.



Lightweight narrow design that increases performance and belt life. The all-new Arctic Cat ADAPT CVT system provides improved throttle response and smooth power delivery.

M Hardcore Alpha One Power Claw Track

Power Claw Track

Slice through deep snow with Power Claw: a lightweight track that delivers the ultimate deep snow traction and performance. 

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Power Claw Track

Power Claw Track is built lightweight, with a single-ply design and a 3.0-inch pitch — all so you can master deep snow runs. Its stagger-set, curved-forward paddle towers won't fold over or take a set, and Attack 20 paddles let you float over the deep stuff.

M Hardcore Alpha One Reinforced Running Boards

Reinforced Running Boards

Big air means big impact, which is why Hardcore's running boards are reinforced with an extrusion for added rigidity. 

M Hardcore Alpha One Goggle Holder

Goggle Holder

Mounted right in the dash for quick access, this integrated goggle holder keeps a key piece of gear safe and sound.

M Hardcore Alpha One LED Headlight

LED Headlight

Ride until the sun goes down — then keep riding, with this premium LED headlight for night riding.

M Hardcore Alpha One Adjustable Ski Stance

Adjustable 35.5"-37.5" Ski Stance

Easily adjust your ski stance in seconds — keep it wide for the trails or narrow through the trees.

60th Anniversary Decal

60th Anniversary Decal

Celebrate 60 years of Arctic Cat with this commemorative decal.

M Hardcore Alpha One

M Hardcore Alpha One

Vehicle Specs

Print Specs


M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One
Engine Type 8000 C-TEC2, 2-Stroke
Displacement 794cc
Cooling Liquid
Cylinders 2
Bore x Stroke 85 x 70 mm
Lubrication Electronic Injection
Ignition Digitally Controlled CDI
Engine Stator Output 270 W @ 3000 RPM
Fuel Delivery Next Generation C-TEC2
Exhaust APV with Tuned Pipe, Pipe Sensor and Stainless Steel Manifold and Muffler
Fuel Capacity 39,4 L
Oil System Capacity 3,08 L
Coolant System Capacity 4,7 L
Minimum Octane 98


M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One
Drive Clutch ADAPT CVT
Driven Clutch ADAPT CVT
Drive System Arctic Mountain Drive System
Brakes Stealth Hydraulic Master Cylinder with Lightweight Caliper
Clutch Calibration 0-5,000 ft.
Gearing 19/50
Chain Pitch 96
Track Drive Sprocket 7 Tooth, 3.5 Pitch, Exvolute
Reverse Push-Button Engine


M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One
Front Suspension Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS)
Sway Bar N/A
Front Travel 17,8 cm
Rear Suspension ALPHA-ONE Rear Suspension
Front Track Shock FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 COIL-OVER
Rear Track Shock FOX 1.5 ZERO QSL COIL-OVER
Rear Travel 33 cm, 35,5 cm, or 38 cm (varies by model)


M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One
Overall Chassis Length 333 cm, 335 cm or 348 cm (varies by model)
Overall Chassis Width 108 cm-113 cm
Overall Chassis Height 127 cm
Track Type Power Claw
Track Width 38 cm
Track Length 146 tum, 154 tum, 165 tum (varies by model)
Lug 66 eller 76 mm
Pitch 3.50 tum
Ski Stance 90 cm-96 cm
Ski Type/Width G2 ProClimb - 7 in.
Runner Type Single Runner with Carbide


M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One
Type of Gauge Deluxe Digital
Speedometer Digital
Tachometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Fuel Digital
Oil Indicator Light
Coolant Digital/Indicator Light
Clock Digital (only available on select models)
Battery Voltage Digital (only available on select models)
Altimeter Digital
Hours Digital


M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One
Color Orange/Black, Hyper Green/Black
Heat Exchanger Front/Short Tunnel
Starter Manual
Handlebars Hooked with Grab Handle, 4.5 in. Riser
Lighting LED with Accent Light
Seating Lightweight Mountain
Storage Components M Tunnel Bag
Additional Accessories Handguards, Mirrors, Rear Rack, Side Panel Wind Deflectors, Sno Pro Hooked Brake Lever, Tow Hitch, Tunnel Flare, Visor Plug-Ins
Standard Accessories 12V Outlet, Goggle Holder, Hand and Thumb Warmers, Ice Scratchers, Lightweight Mountain Brake Disc, Sport Front Bumper, Tether Switch, Vertical Steering
Windshield 2,54 cm Mountain Height