New Campaign to Celebrate Snowmobiling
June 12, 2019

New Campaign to Celebrate Snowmobiling

HASLETT, MI, May 31, 2019: The snowmobile manufacturers are collectively organizing and supporting a new, North American “International Snowmobile Celebration” Dealer event, happening on October 25-27, 2019.  The dealer-focused event will celebrate the snowmobiling community and prepare for the upcoming season. All snowmobile dealers, local clubs, and Associations/Federations across the United States and Canada are invited to participate in the event.

The Celebration is being patterned after the successful “Snöskoters Dag” (Snowmobile Day)

which has been held in Sweden for 40 years.  The event in Sweden started in the 1970s and expanded rapidly through the 1980s as snowmobiling in Sweden expanded.  The success of the event is traced to creating a fun family weekend, with involvement from dealers, clubs, associations, media and other industry stakeholders.

Snowmobile dealers can use the time to begin the selling season with special offerings of products, parts, garments, and accessories.   “Show and shine” events featuring vintage and custom snowmobiles, towing and groomer vehicles are encouraged.  Safety training events, maintenance and winter check-up events for snowmobiles and trailers are another avenue for dealers to explore.  

“International Snowmobile Celebration” is a fun, family festival type event, where Barbecue, some refreshments, music and an “open house” mentality will get snowmobilers prepared for the upcoming season!  Dealers will be contacted throughout the summer encouraging them to participate in the October 25-27, 2019 celebration.  Manufacturers are supporting by offering co-op dollars for dealers who host.

Snowmobile clubs are encouraged to participate with their local dealerships in the activities and participate where possible like: serving food, coordinating special events, conducting safety classes, while the event offers an opportunity for membership and volunteer recruitment.

Snowmobile dealerships will be encouraged to contact local Chambers of Commerce, Visitors and Convention Bureaus, and regional media to support and help with the event. 

Snowmobiling is a major part of the Winter Tourism economic engine across the North American snowbelt.  The “International Snowmobile Celebration” is a perfect opportunity to bring enthusiasts together in kicking off the season and enjoying the snowmobile family lifestyle.

This October let’s celebrate the “International Snowmobile Celebration” event as one big family.  Manufacturers, dealers, associations and clubs embracing the opportunity to work together and celebrate snowmobiling in preparation for another great winter snowmobiling season.

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