CATALYST Latching System

Your snowmobile should fit your every need, and now, with the all-new ATACH 4-Point Latching System, customizing your ride is a snap. This revolutionary system lets you install and remove accessories in seconds, so whether you're at home, in the showroom or out on the trail, you'll have the flexibility to make your sled your own. 

Lock In with Ease

All CATALYST platform models come factory-equipped with at least two mounting points for ATACH accessories. Installation is quick and easy: simply slide your accessory into place with a click. You won't need any modification, fasteners or tools.

Durable Design

ATACH is built for the harshest conditions. This rugged system is built with high-strength composite and utilizes dust covers to keep the system clean when not in use.

Keep It Secure

Your accessories are safe when installed with the ATACH 4-Point Latching System. Using the provided key, you can lock your accessories onto your sled to prevent theft. Even if you choose not to use the theft-prevention lock, your accessories will remain securely attached to your sled.